Selfish Writers who enjoy Back Scratching

For all those genuine writers who are frustrated because of all the rubbish out there that other so-called writers say is "wonderful" when everybody knows it's not.

If you react knowingly to this and nod, it does not apply to you. If you react indignantly, it most definitely applies to you. 

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I know that given the current state of indie writing nobody is likely to read this. So far as I know nobody has even visited this site. I feel that modern writers (especially independent self-publish ones) are rude, selfish, only interested in helping others if and when they receive something back. I am tired of all the pontificating, narcissistic individuals who think their writing is special by virtue of the fact that they wrote it. I have seen some good writing be completely ignored on sites like writers-network, protagonize, scribophile, scribeslice, burrst and many others, whilst writing which is average at best has praise heaped upon it for no other reason than the author is a prolific back scratcher who has built up a following not because of exceptional writing, but because they have nurtured their audience by writing short, well placed bits of praise on their "friends" profiles and posts. 

My fellow writers, just because people say what you want to hear does not make you a writer. A writer has something to say, something interesting, something unique, something special. It comes from the heart, from agony, from emotion, from a place deep down in the soul where simple platitudes won't do. It is born of a desire to be heard and tempered by carefully structured verse or narrative which rips away the superficial and replaces it with something much richer, much more worthy, much more inaccessible. 

I read an article recently in which the reported declares we are overrun with indie publishers. The Internet is awash with "published" books and many of them are simply terrible. Perhaps as much as 99 per cent of the self-published books out there would have been rejected by traditional publishing. There are some rare gems, but they are quite simply the exception. Meanwhile, some very good writing is being ignored because of the same reasons I highlighted. 

If you are a writer and you rely solely on ego-stroking, then consider this. The fact that someone tells you that you are wonderful and that they loved your work does not mean what it seems to suggest. Real, genuine praise comes from people reading your work and loving it for the value in the work. They expect nothing in return except the sheer joy of discovering meaning, unlocked from the words on a page. No pleasure is simpler and no reward greater than reading a wonderful story. 

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