I wonder, too, about the labels. We name, we label, and we define. But why do we do it? Is it because we want everything to be clear-cut and definite? Life is not definite. Words should be used to describe, not to define. Definitions are restrictive; they're limits. Things grow; they're dynamic. If we pin them down with labels then they are trapped and can no longer change beneath our glares of reasoning.

The world is complex and we want it to be simple. This is good, and that is bad. This is right, and that is wrong. Why can't we see the world as a whole, everything with a mixture of good and bad, right and wrong, and everything in between? Labels are rules. Rules are an attempt to program ourselves so we no longer need to think. Thinking is an effort. But heck, life is an effort, and it should be: you gotta put yourself into what you live!

Is it laziness then, that makes us define rather than describe? What are these programs that let us take the easy way without having to think? Philosophies are not rules to follow. Philosophy is a skill of thinking for every individual situation. Because every situation is unique. Life is infinite. Every minute detail is infinitely individual. How can a human based logic system cover the infinite?

And one of the biggest insecurities in our lives is the wonder of who we are. And so, in this desperation, we make our biggest mistake by labeling ourselves. 'I am not that type of person. That is not my thing. I don't do that.'

We've even tried to label the sacred--beauty and love. There are books on how to be beautiful. There are books on how to construct love. What are these books, but fits of desperation in an attempt to understand? Relax. You don't need to have it all figured out. Love and beauty are untouchable. All the magazines in the world can never get close to defining it. It is ineffable. It is indefinable. It is yours. And it is his. And it is hers. You cannot conquer it, you cannot master, but you can live it.

And to live, you gotta put yourself into it. It's an effort. You have to confront every situation afresh because no rules can control your actions. So be amazing and be you in every moment.

I hope I have written a valuable description here with my words. Take it for what it is: a few of my thoughts. And all thoughts can be built upon, reflected, and shaped like clay. They're living and growing. They are not decisions, explanations, or realizations. They're forever traveling and growing. And a few misplaced steps do not change the destination. And the destination is not a place you ever get to, but rather, it's a motivation for your movement through life...merely a direction for your will power. A purpose.



I love your idea Jack. But I wonder where we may go if everyone builds upon each others' thoughts. Hmm...

The End

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