Selective Mutism AND Autism?

So, I've talked a bit about Selective Mutism and now I would like to talk about Autism.

Autism is when somebody has a lot of trouble with anxiety in certain situations. This might include being at school, or going to a party or something. I was diagnosed with 'atypical autism' about two months ago. This kind of autism means that I only have some of the difficulties, but not all of them.  I find it difficult to make friends because of the anxiety and because I don't understand people as well as I would like to. By that I mean like I don't understand tones of voice so sometimes people sound like they're being mean and it confuses me, and I can struggle to understand long, complex sentences when somebody is talking to me, and I don't always understand jokes and stuff. It makes it harder to trust people if I don't understand them, and I don't understand what they're trying to say to me. Autism can also have other specific conditions alongside it like dyslexia or epilepsy, etc.

People with Autism can also either be over sensitive or under sensitive.  When you're over sensitive it means that your senses seem very strong. For example, I hate loud noises and bright lights seem very powerful. Also, smells can seem very strong and even overpowering sometimes. But I like to touch soft things like teddy bears rather than feel harder things. Sometimes if somebody pushes into me it upsets me. I hardly ever get touched or anything by people and I'm not sure why. It feels nice if somebody touches me in a nice, gentle way because it feels caring and supportive.

It's hard having Selective Mutism and Autism because it makes it seem more confusing as it's harder to tell if I have more anxiety about talking or if it's the autism. It's also hard because I find it so difficult to talk to people, so I struggle to communicate about my difficulties and feelings. And now that I've been diagnosed with Autism people are giving me the impression that I'm still choosing not to talk, which I disagree with strongly. It's like the Selective Mutism has been forgotten or something. How does that help me? It just doesn't.

So, do you think that people that suffer with Selective Mutism can suffer with Autism too? I do.

The End

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