Selective Mutism: My story so far

Selective Mutism is when someone really, really wants to speak but can't. This is something that I suffer from everyday. It's very rare, but it definitely needs more awareness.

Hello, my name is Christina. I have straight red hair, brown eyes, and I'm quite tall - though not as tall as my brother. And he's a year younger than me! Anyway, I'm fifteen years old and I have this horrible thing called Selective Mutism.

I suffer from this every single day, and I've had it for years. Do you know someone that dosen't talk to you at all? Do you think that he/she is shy? Well, Selective Mutism is much worse than shyness. It stops you from talking to your friends, if you manage to get any friends. It stops you from asking the teacher for help when you're stuck. It even stops you from talking to your family. 

So, more about me : I love music. The music I like? Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens, Hilary Duff, Westlife, Take That. They're all awesome. I love reading - my favourite books are the Harry Potter series! I love writing. My favourite subject at school is English. I also enjoy Art. I love being creative and using my imagination! It may seem boring to you, I don't know, but I also like History - I think it's so cool to be able to understand the history of what's happened in the world.

At school I've found that my love of English conquers all my other subjects. So what do I want to become when I'm older? My biggest ambition is to become a writer. And I think that my rolemodel for that is J.K Rowling. I look up to her as the best writer ever. I hope that when I'm older I can write a book about Selective Mutism, explaining how it really is and how it really feels. My life ambition is also to write an autobiography, and I know that Selective Mutism will be part of it.

So I guess I should say what Selective Mutism really is, because to me it really does matter because it's kind of controlling my life. So, to begin with, what I want to say is that I know that I call it "Selective" Mutism, but that's only because that's what it has been called by, let's face it, people that don't have a clue. See really "I don't choose" not to talk. That's the main key point. Does it make sense? You know, when I was diagnosed with it I was like "Oh. Really? Is there something wrong with me?"  I didn't even realize that there was something "different" about me. Know what I mean? I thought that I was okay. Normal. But oh how wrong I was.

Even though I'm only fifteen I feel like I've had so many experiences already, and I'm still going through them. And there's still so much of my life left to live. But it feels like the world has stopped for me, and my entire world revolves around my Selective Mutism. So, to make myself clear, here's what I have : Selective Mutism. Hope I cleared that one up.

The End

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