Seductive Death

A little siren song I wrote for school...

Seductive Death 

Hidden behind the waves,
Strewn across the rocks,
Lay skulls bound for days,
As the silent moon locks.

Locks her deepening gaze upon you,
Locks her weeping gaze upon you.

We search for our sister,
We call to her,

From afar, you see our beauty,
You hear our hypnotic song,
Lure you to us we do, cruelly,
If you listen, death is near, life isn’t long.

Men we devour,
None slip our grasp,
Few have time to run and cower,
Fore, we’ve taken their final gasp.

Voice and sight alike, deal destruction and death.

Gifts to Hell, we send her,
There in the deepest of deep,
Blackest pit, as black as our hearts,
Unlovable as death, she awaits,
Persephone, for more helpless—hopeless 

None can compare to our beauty and might,
Once you’ve tasted our breath,
You won’t see another glorious night,
Among the bound skulls you’ll stay,
Another fallen victim of… SEDUCTIVE DEATH.

The End

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