Secret Soul

Charlie seems like your average 17 year old girl except she was born with a mutated gene which allows her to successfully carry the baby of anything supernatural and survive, Dan a manipulative vampire takes a shine to Charlie and introduces her to his master a secretive ancient called Slink. Charlie's uncle invites her to spend the summer in California with her cousin Lola, a clumpsy witch. Charlie has hallucinatons about being able to see and speak to the dead, Tom and Nick two good vampires s



8 months earlier....

Dan stared down at my blood stained body a slick smile plastered his distorted features ‘I don’t want to bleed you Charlie but I have no choice in the matter. Slink wants you dead.’ Gulping back the blood which made it’s way slowly up my throat I looked up at Dan trying to smile ‘you don’t have to do this Dan we can get away from all this just the two of us. Imagine it we could paint the town red wouldn’t you like that?’ dragging my body up off the cold cement floor I used Dan’s shirt to support me, the closeness of our bodies flared an unseen emotion between us ‘don’t worry Charlie Slink won’t ever come between us we have an unbreakable bond.’ Stroking my face Dan cupped my chin bringing his mouth down onto my own ‘Dan we shouldn’t not here not now. Slink’s right over there and Tom might see.’ Dan deepened the kiss cutting me off as if he knew that we were being watched and he didn’t seem to care. When he pulled away I grumbled a moan of protest making him laugh ‘you are unique Charlie that’s why I love you and that’s why I have to do this.’ Pulling my head back I scanned his face to see what he meant by the last comment then I saw what he held in his hand ‘if your going to stab me then do it Dan don’t wait any longer. Get it over and done with but remember this I’ll be back and when I am you’ll be the first on my list to kill.’ I spat the last words in his face freeing myself from his grip spreading my arms out wide like a target waiting to be hit. Dan looked shocked by my outburst as if he expected me to say something else but I was ready to welcome death because once I died as a human I’d be bought back as a demon and then everyone who had screwed me over would be sorry. ‘Charlie don’t you want to beg for your life. I thought humans valued life as a wonderful thing something to be cherished not something to be thrown away.’ I shook my head holding back the tears which I felt coming I wouldn’t cry in front of Dan, I wouldn’t cry in front of Tom, I wouldn’t cry in front of anyone on a whole. If I showed my true fear Slink would revel in it and I couldn’t have that because I was not about to die at the hands of a smiling vampire. Dipping my head I waited for the final blow to come but after a couple of minutes of waiting I looked up and saw Dan’s hand shaking he couldn’t bring himself to kill me not after everything we’d been through even if we had our ups and downs over the last 8 months he still saw a possibility to spare my life. Sighing I dared a glance over in Nick’s direction only to gape in shock for Nick held Ollie’s head while his body dropped to the floor turning to ash before his head lit up like a sparkler if Nick could kill his own brother why couldn’t Dan kill me? Slink was in the shadows over looking the chaos admiring his handiwork and weeks of planning, Adam and Tom faced each other off each one beaten and bruised but still equally strong and James was huddled by the dumpsters trying to fix Lola who had a broken leg and a sprained wrist as well as numerous cuts on her hands and face ‘everyone has something to do or someone to kill Dan so why don’t you kill me? Nick’s just killed his own brother surely that’s a connection deeper then an uncertain romance between a human and a vampire.’ Dan followed my gaze and we both watched Nick wipe Ollie’s blood off his clothes and skin but no emotion crossed his face ‘Charlie you don’t get it Nick is a killer and him and Ollie have had personal issues for 200 years.’ I couldn’t help but snort ‘Dan your a vampire for Gods sake a killer someone who drinks blood for a living. Are you sure you lost your soul because all I see is a vampire pretending to be human how sad is that...’ I gasped as Dan lunged towards me plunging the knife into my chest I had hit a nerve calling him a human and we both knew that ‘thank you Dan I knew provoking you was the only way for you to finish me off. Goodbye.’ Falling to the floor I felt my life get sucked out of my body by an unknown presence I was dying but at the same time being reborn and I had a certain vampire to thank once I woke up again.

The End

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