Search for HappinessMature

A man strives to find the happiness in his life, and takes some unexpecting turns to find it.

  • Lying in bed; 5 o'clock shadow is noticable. Bright lighting; natural. Blue tones (baby blue). Back is facing camera. Blanket covering only front, none of back.
  • Birds eye view of man lying down. He's young -late teens, early 20's. Birds and wind are heard from a distance. 
  • Close up of 5 o'clock shadow, lips, nose, and eyes. Shows that he is sleeping. You can hear light breathing. Eyes are opening and glazing over. There is a sigh. Man sits up- out of shot. 
  • "A Surprise - Balun" starts playing.
  • Side shot from left; can see his face in the mirror. Brushing teeth. Wearing nothing but boxers.
  • Switch to kitchen shot - sudden. Music is still playing. Frontal view - man is turned from the camera - can only see his back. It is a wide view where you can see the entirenty of the kitchen. Everything is symetrical and simple. You can hear the running of the sink and the loud clanking of dishes. 
The End

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