Screw Poetry.

A big books of peoms really o_O

Children of the Tree's

If you fall, if you fall, I'll be there to catch you all,

If you fall, if you fall, I'll be there----

When the children of the tree's never eat and sleep,

It makes wonder if I belong,

do you belong with me-e-e?

Time ticks on the clock,

How long before I get mocked?

Oh the laughing bird,

jokes at me,

Why am I ashamed?

Well, why shouldn't I be?

I want you,

but you certianly don't want me,

you made that clear,

Under the children of the tree's!

If like was a bubble,

when would I pop?

How much pressure can I take?

Before I reach the top?

I want to sing,

and dance,

in a ring,

with you,


and live,

in the bubble,

that is called life.

By Caitlin Owens


The End

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