Science of Children

I don't even know where to put this but its about sex...I might of went overboard with the alliteration. Nah. I intended to make this really long about how it starts with sex, and different partners and the baby slowly growing but I don't know...Probably already confused the mess out of people.
I also use this as practice...great for trying to rap fast(learning how to take in a lot of breath in a short gasp) simply saying sentences with similar sounding...syllables, and other crap...

Irresistible transmittable viruses, causing subtle sinuses.

Alleviate your psychoanalysis,

body in paralysis.

Tremblin' with sweaty energy kinetically.

Burnin' with vital sensations, tides causin' vibrations.

Vibratin' vibrant visuals visually like you'd usually see.

A Level 3 mental anomaly, causin' advance knowledge in anatomy.

With 5 senses used constantly, with constant physical endurance, and mental reassurance

that this act may seem violent but can be done silent.

Like protons and neutrons make up neurons,

opposite attraction to a minor reaction,

left with a heavy transaction,

but make sure to be packin',


Cause the infirmary can defeat a simple inflammatory.

When you expel wasteful discharge, discolored, disfigured, but never dismissed.

Those cells attract, come in contact connection, congested in, confined in, bright pink,

through pleasure and pain, population plunged into one particular

One precise

One person

A baby is born

The End

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