Note to self:

Get in touch with those blackhat guys you met at DEF CON.  They may be interested in JB's ideas.  They were focused on single system package concealment, but what if the worm just swam in the wild looking for cookies and passed along the info to the rest of the flock? 

Anyway, more importantly, look into the comparison between the water where the fish swim, and the network where the data moves.  I missed it the first time, but the comparison was more specific than a simple visualization.  Imagine a stretch of ocean one mile wide, one mile deep and 10 miles long.  A school of fish would move through the swath of water and avoid predators by varying their position in the x, y or y axis.  What if the x, y and z axis that the data moves through represents bandwidth, frequency and wavelength? If the message alone knew where it needed to swim, it could jump from copper to microwave to optical without the need for protocol formatting.  It could literally live in the wild.

The End

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