Why I'm Here

These are my personal notes from an invitation-only conference I'm attending. These notes are strictly my impressions. Any details of mathematical proofs, and contact information for other attendees can be found in the published minutes and agendas for individual sessions.

FYI: These notes are for my personal recollection, but I will be making most of them public because they may be of some interest to readers.  Because of this, some topics may be overly technical and without sufficient background explanation for the casual reader.  I offer them only as a preview into the near-future potential applications of current scientific research. 

A little background about myself, I spent WAY too much time in school; more than anyone should really.  I originally intended to teach some aspects of applied physics, and I guess I felt the need to be completely versed in all aspects of the subjects I was teaching.  I ended up getting three post grad degrees in electrical engineering, quantum dynamics, and information sciences before I even started my PhD track.  In the third year of my doctorate program, the economy decided to take a dump, and all the grant money went down the drain with it.  I had started work on my thesis project, which was a software package to model the behavior of crowds and traffic patterns for large events, but it wasn't quite complete.  I tried selling it to raise money, and ended up getting a job offer from a security company in Virginia of all places.  So that brings us up to date.  I'm a 30 something, over educated, under experienced security analyst.  It's funny how life kind of takes you where it wants you to go.  

Anyway, I needed a place to take some notes at the technical confab I'm attending, and this account was already set up and conveniently unconnected to the rest of my digital life.  I wanted a place away from the critical eyes of my peers, and my "overlords" at work.  They tend to make fun of my wild imagination sometimes.  Plus, not too many people are reading my stories these days, so I should use this account for something productive.  

The End

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