Saying Things I Double Take At

Is trying good enough
Are my feeble attempts failing again
I am an empty Heartbreaker
I fall apart with every step
Terror reigns
I am scared
It has taken all day to say this
Why have you forced us to mature this early
I am not ready
I wish I could go back
I want what I have been tortured into
Insanity will lick at my mind like a flame
I struggle to care at times
But underneath me
The cold distant
And bitter hate that rules me
I never want anyone to hurt
Except myself, only for you
I'll close my eyes and fall forwards again
I am so sorry
In my attempt to hold you together
I ripped you in two
Hated by everyone
They don't know my struggle
My reasons 
I'm sick of this
I'm sick of it all
I never wanted anyone to hurt
I wanted the right thing
I wanted to keep you safe, because I lied
My lies drown me out sometimes
I'm so sorry
I never wanted to do this to anyone
I'm so completely sorry 

The End

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