I have now submitted all of my college applications.  Everything's in. 

Now we wait.

The two most selective schools that I applied to accept 13% and 32% of applicants respectively.  I have legacy at both of them, but that probably won't count for much at the most selective one, Pomona, since it was recently ranked as the 2nd best college in the country by Forbes (Stanford was #1, Princeton was #3).  Also, my SAT scores were a bit below Pomona's standard.  Luckily, Pomona isn't my top choice, so I won't be particularly disappointed if I don't get in.

Anyway, enough of that.

I am currently on winter break, visiting relatives in Montana.  The Christmas presents that I received all fell into one of three categories:  things I can wear, things I can eat, and things I can read.

I need to write in this more often, I think.  The problem is, when I have time to write daily, it almost always means that nothing much happened to write about.  October, November and December are poorly represented in this diary because so much happened, there wasn't time to write about it.  I helped out with Drama Club's haunted house (during which a fog machine set off the smoke detector and the fire department had to come), I was Frodo Baggins for Halloween, and I went trick-or-treating in a group comprised of Sam, Pippin, Merry, two elves, a pirate and an assassin, I ushered for the fall play, I started hanging out with the theatre kids in the lobby before school, I began a re-write of my unfinished novel, I escorted N. to Po-Lit and Anatomy during his week of being blind, which was cut short by a snowstorm, which cancelled school from Friday until the following Wednesday, during which I made a snow Minas Tirith in our backyard and had multiple wintery adventures with E. on the campus of the local university; when school resumed, we had our annual school-wide arts showcase and performance, which the choir performed in and J1 and R., both from choir, hosted.  Then came one final week of school (during which I had a test in Calculus and two tests in Anatomy...on the bright side, we started our Sherlock Holmes unit in Po-Lit, and watched "A Study in Pink" on Thursday), and then winter break.  And that's leaving out the incident in which Mr. M gave N. a paper cut on his eyeball, as well as my teacher-and-counselor-recommendation nightmare, and so much more.

And now, to quote Mr. H., my Politics and Literature teacher, "Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa, Festivus for the Rest of Us, and I hope you had a Happy Hanukkah!"

The End

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