14 Facts of Life

Fun facts I've learned since I last wrote in this:

1.  Fog machines can set off smoke detectors.  On a related note, the fire alarms in the theatre building sound different from any of the others in my school.

2.  College application essays ARE NEVER DONE.

3.  If you are seventeen and trick-or-treating, people don't get mad at you if you and your friends are going as the Fellowship of the Ring.

4.  When I rewrite things, I can expect them to triple or quadruple in length.

5.  When you're an usher for a show, they tell you to show up at 6:25.  IT'S A LIE.  Come at 5:30.

6.  When your cat has dental surgery, it has to wear a cone for ten days.

7.  A cat can take off a cone if it really wants to.

8.  Eight inches of snow+several days of freezing temperatures=a six day weekend.

9.  Inner tubes don't make the most effective sleds.

10.  One must beware when one lends a writing utensil to N. in class.  The pen or pencil is guaranteed to end up in his mouth at some point.

11.  If one desires to summon the nerds, one needs only to play the Sherlock theme on the piano.  They'll come running.

12.  Repeat: college application essays ARE NEVER DONE.

13.  I have to finish my senior project by January 30th.  (Boy, that fact would have been a nice one to know before December 13th!)

14.  Apparently, I'm fashionable.  Did not know that.

That's all for now.  Maybe, someday, I'll start actually writing in this again.  When I have time.  Which is not right now.

The End

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