10/15/13-"She's Musicman!"

It was superhero day today.  I wore last year's orchestra sweatshirt, which is blue and adorned with the three orchestral clefs (treble, alto, and base) in the style of the Superman logo thing.

Mr. H. was not there yet when I got to class.

"I hope he's wearing a cape," N. said, grinning at the prospect.

Another boy asked me what superhero I was, exactly.

"She's Musicman!" quipped N.  "Get it?"

"Seventy-six trombones led the--!" I sang.

Mr. H. chose this particular moment to enter the room, and I stopped abruptly.

He wasn't wearing a cape.  Or anything superhero-related, for that matter.  N. expressed his disappointment.

"Well," Mr. H. replied.  "I don't exactly have the physique for my favorite superhero, Captain America, so..."

We worked on our unit final project during class.  At one point, Mrs. S., my advisor, entered into the room, in full Thor costume, hammer included, to borrow something from Mr. H., I think.

In advisory, Mrs. S., who wanted to show off her costume to the entire math department, gathered up everyone who was wearing anything vaguely superhero-related, and took us on a parade.  We went to Mrs. A.'s classroom--she was dressed up as her 'hero', the P.E. teacher--through Mr. W.'s room, and ran across Mrs. P., my old Algebra II teacher, who was in full Mr. L. (the chemistry teacher) attire, complete with flannel shirt, labcoat, glasses, and facial hair.

In Calc, Mrs. A got our attention with a gym whistle.  Everyone jumped at the sound, which was horribly reminiscent of the fire alarm.

"I should use that on my freshmen," Mrs. A. schemed.

During lunch, I went to the theatre lobby to work with my literature circle on our project.  We didn't make much progress.  People had other things to work on.  We also had no scissors.  And there was a rule change, so there's no food in the lobby anymore.  Slowly, the group dissipated.

I ended up cutting out speech bubbles with a sewing pin while N. did his Stats homework.

Near the end of lunch, I saw E. walking past, decked out in green tights, green shorts, and super-orchestra sweatshirt.   J1, leaning against N.'s chair, commented on her outfit.  Ignoring him, I waved at her through the window.  She joined us.

In Fiber Arts, I started my pajama pants.  They have owls on them.

I stayed after to work on them.  E. came in to finish hers.  I didn't finish mine, but I followed E. across campus afterwards while she attempted to track down people (specifically, her math teachers) to show off her creation to.  Mrs. S. was not in her room, but we did find Mrs. A. in the STC.

Took the bus home.  Downloaded a Stephen King audiobook (The Tommyknockers), and commenced listening to it.

The End

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