10/14/13-"There's no such thing as a good Econ video."

Dragged myself out of bed this morning, printed out unfinished Econ homework.  Untoasted bread and butter for breakfast.  Twin day today, and I hadn't arranged to dress as anyone's double.

In choir, we discussed things.  We also sang.  J2, who had attended a local honor choir thing over the weekend, gave us a report back about it, and taught us some exercises he had learned.

Instead of going straight to Econ afterwards, I met with a representative from Lewis and Clark.  A few other people showed up, including L. from Econ.  We walked back to class together when it was over.  Slowly.  And very, very reluctantly.

Back in Econ, Mr. S. announced that we were going to watch a video about credit.  "Now, anyone remember the rule for economics videos?"

"Don't fall asleep?" asked a girl near the front.

"Well, yeah, but I was thinking more of the law, I guess.  That's 'there's no such thing as a good econ video'...which makes the not falling asleep part a bit more challenging."

True that.

I ate my lunch and did my Spanish homework in the teamroom, while E. studied for a Biochem test with a girl named A.

In Spanish, we talked about our preferred places to live.  And trains.  Then we wrote about the Tlatelolco Massacre.

During the passing period between third and fourth period, in the Anatomy classroom, N. asked me to help him run his lines for the play.  He didn't have them quite memorized, kept jumping ahead.

After class started, we took notes on the various ways substances pass through cell membranes.  Then we did a worksheet.  N. and I worked together--although a decent portion of the time was passed singing "Hit the road, Jack" rather than working.

I have a strange suspicion that N. can sing higher than I can.

After school, I hiked up the hill to piano, singing quietly most of the way:

"Hit the road, Jack,

and doncha come back

no more, no more, no more, no more..."

The End

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