Catch-up work

Well.  I'm insanely far behind.  I don't even want to calculate how far behind I am.  Over two weeks, I think.  I'm just going to do a quick recap of the elapsed time in order to catch up.

In choir, we got our Christmas carol packets.  We also started a medieval chant.  Aside from that, in the space on the white board with the names of the choir officers, R., the choir president, wrote: "First Lady: J1."  The next class, J1 demanded that she give him a massage while she was trying to lead warm-ups.

"You're the first lady, not the queen," she pointed out, rubbing his shoulders while simultaneously demonstrating the stretch that we were supposed to be doing.

"But J. already is a queen," a girl by the name of I. remarked.

"Don't know what to say to that," R. replied, then pushed J1 into a kneeling position and sat on his shoulders.

In Econ, we had to do some research on the government shutdown.  We also had a test.  Also, Mr. S. wasn't there for two or three class periods in a row.  Also, I turned in several assignments that I had only completed halfway and got full credit for them.  Also, L. and I had several entertaining discussions on various topics while we were supposed to be doing research for a project.  Also, I've overused the word "also" in this paragraph.

In Spanish, we finished that awful ungraded computer-lab test.  Later, we researched the Tlatelolco Massacre, and still later, we started a unit on medical terms.  One exercise involved discussing the symptoms of various diseases with a partner.  Neither my partner, a boy named C., or I knew exactly what the symptoms of mono were, so we skipped that one.

In Anatomy, we studied for our unit test.  One day, Mr. M. brought in a deer heart for dissection.  Apparently, in his third period class, a boy had fainted during this. 

At one point, as Mr. M. was describing how blood was circulated inside the chambers, N. asked if it would be possible to run water through it.

"Well," said Mr. M., "There isn't any way to seal it, so..."

"Oh," N. observed.  "I see.  I guess it would be kinda like a sprinkler system, then."

Everybody laughed, in the somewhat uncomfortable way that people do when processing a disgustingly humorous image.

"Sorry," N. responded.  "I'm following my own train of thought."

The following class, we had our written test.  The class after that, we had our black-box test, wherein we had to identify bones by touch.  I got six out of six.  So did N.  After that, we worked together on an assignment, finished it, and watched Caddyshack on his iPhone for the rest of class.

In Po-Lit, we read more philosophers.  One morning, before class, N. and I finished our homework in the theatre lobby, during which I was mistaken from a distance for his boyfriend. 

"I thought, 'why is J. wearing a pink coat?'" a girl said upon entering.  "Then I realized, 'that's not J., that's C.!'"

First time being mistaken for a boy in a month and a half of having short hair.

Last class, we discussed our unit final projects.  Our Literary Circle will be focusing on the ideas of Thomas Hobbes, in the format of a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.  My panel will be forms of monarchy, shrunk down into an anthill.

In Calculus, we had a test or two.  E. and I baked pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for our snack day, and had some fun in the process. 

On the evening after the day which included the dissection of the deer heart in Anatomy, I went over to E.'s house, paper muffin cups in hand.  We had pizza, after which her parents left to see a play.  The muffins turned out well, despite the fact that we ran out of oil and had to melt butter instead.  While they were baking, we did Calc review and sang along to Christmas songs, because, as E. always says, "Christmas starts in the 'ember months."

In Fiber Arts, we made pillowcases, then we were supposed to start on pajama pants, but I didn't, because I hadn't--and still haven't yet--bought flannel for them.

Which brings me up to Wednesday afternoon.  I tutored for an hour, then my dad picked me up and we drove north (there was no school Thursday or Friday) to look at colleges, specifically Whitman and Lewis and Clark.  I'd already seen both, but not with students on campus.

There was a little bit of a mix up in my schedule at Whitman, but I was able to eat lunch in a dining hall there, have an interview, and go on a campus tour.  It's a nice place, and it has a good English program, which is always a plus.  They even have a writing interest house.  And all the people seemed very friendly.

After the tour, my dad and I met up with E.'s older sister, K., who is a student there.  We talked a while, then let her get back to packing for her rafting trip.  She's a river guide.

We had pizza in Pendleton.

I also ate lunch at the Lewis and Clark dining hall the following day.  I selected pasta, an apple, and two donut holes.  Then we browsed the bookstore before heading off to an informational session, after which followed a tour.  It's a beautiful campus, but I've heard better things about Whitman, so I think Whitman's higher on my list.

We got back home late Friday night. 

There was a Pride parade on Saturday morning.  I watched it go by from my backyard.  Sat on top of the fence for a better view.  Shivered, because it was cold out.

My grandparents are in town, so we went out to dinner Saturday night.  This morning, we went on a walk in the park, through the fall colors.  Now, they and my dad are at a winery, and my mother's making chicken soup.  We're all going to go to a local British-style pub this afternoon, and I'm going to bring my fiddle and join in the Celtic jam session.

There.  All caught up now.

The End

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