9/23/13-"It worked!"

I don't seem to be getting a cold after all.  False alarm.

In Politics and Lit, we had a sub.  We just read the whole time.  I'd already finished Plato, so I started Aristotle.

I have decided that Plato is much easier to read than Aristotle.  Therefore, I like Plato more than Aristotle. 

N. and I decided that we'll study for the Anatomy test at lunch tomorrow.  After all, he has all the flashcards.

Advisory came, and we had YET ANOTHER assembly in the theatre.  This one was about senior projects.  It was only slightly helpful.

In Calculus, we got back our tests.  I got 87%.  I missed several points on account of stupid mistakes.

At lunch, we ate outside on the Quad because it was warm and sunny.  The school principal, who happens to be my neighbor, came and chatted with us for a few minutes.

Mrs. D. was back for Fiber Arts.  We learned how to thread the sewing machines and then 'sewed' paper without thread, trying to follow the lines and turn corners.

I went to the STC after school, even though I wasn't tutoring today.  Worked through some nasty limit problems with other Calc students.  Also figured out what was wrong with my graphing calculator.

"It worked!  It was the back-up battery!"

Took the bus home.  Cat screamed at me.  Fed cat. Did homework--almost immediately after getting home, in fact, which in my books is worthy of a medal.


That's it.

The End

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