9/19/13-"Make a circle..."

Another frigid morning. Went to the library to work on college stuff, then went to Politics and Lit.

We were to choose our literature circle groups, the groups with which we will be working for the rest of the unit. No less than five, no more than seven.

N. was not there. This caused me anxiety.

M. adopted me into her group, making us a group of six. Since we were allowed to claim any person who was absent, I hoped that the group would not grow any more. But there were two people who still had no group, and M., being the charitable soul that she is, spoke up and offered our last opening. Not wanting to appear selfish, I did not speak up.

This situation is likely to become problematic.

Of course, once the groups were set in metaphorical stone, N. did indeed show up, with half an hour left in class, whipping off his sunglasses and handing Mr. H. his late slip. Of all days to be tardy, he just had to choose today. He'd better have a good reason.

Mr. H. let us go early again, reminding us to be quiet as mice and go straight down the stairs, not past the other classrooms. My advisory classroom was on the same floor, but I went down the stairs anyway.

"Don't you have Mrs. S.?" N. asked me as the bell rang.

"Yeah, but I was told to go downstairs, so I am."

"Oh, right."

"I'll just make a big circle and come up the other side."

This I did.

In Advisory, I borrowed E.'s graphing calculator and tried to finish the Calc homework that I hadn't been able to do because my own calculator went kaput. There was not enough time.

In Calc, there was food, since it's Thursday. Cookies and fruit.

During lunch, there was a Mu Alpha Theta (math honors society) meeting, so I just stayed in my seat from Calculus. Otter pops were provided and sweatshirts were discussed. Afterwards, E. and I went out onto the Quad, where there was a celebration underway for the opening of the on-campus branch of our local credit union. There was music and more popsicles, and a banner for paint handprints. I contributed to this before heading down to Fiber Arts.

We had a sub again, as Mrs. D. had to go up to Portland for an appointment. We went to the sewing room, and then I stood around for a while as most of the rest of the class took ridiculously long to learn how to sew by hand. Really, people. It's not that complicated. I've been sewing by hand for longer than I can remember. I've sewn a whole family of rag dolls by hand, and their clothing, too. Sure, I didn't know the names of the stitches I was using, but the mechanics of it are pretty intuitive, right?

Apparently not.

After that, I finished my Politics and Lit homework, which isn't due until next Wednesday.

When school was over, I was supposed to be in two places at once: the choir room and the Student Tutor Center, which are on opposite ends of campus. Luckily, I had made arrangements on both ends so that I would go to the STC first, and if there was no one to tutor, I'd go to the rehearsal. E. was in the same boat.

It turned out that I tutored for about ten minutes, and then there was no one left, so E. and I went to choir.

The End

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