9/16/13-"Female wearing a newsboy cap."

I'm going to keep this brief.  Because I'm really behind again.  And I've forgotten the details needed to keep this not-brief.

Did not want to get out of bed this (that?) morning.  Choir was uneventful.  We sang, except my voice kept breaking because I didn't get enough sleep.

I have selectively eliminated Econ from my memory.

Lunch, well...I don't remember lunch either.  Which means that--probably--nothing worth reporting occurred.  In Spanish, we went to the computer lab and did things with computers.  In a Spanishy fashion.

In Anatomy, N. took a picture of me with his iPhone, using an app for blind people that describes photos.

"Female wearing a newsboy cap."


Why does N. have an app for blind people, you ask?  He's going to be blind for a week for his senior project. 

We looked at bones again.  N. wrote all of their attributes on an index card.  We determined that a typical lumbar vertebra looks like a moose.

While we were comparing a humerus to Francine's, a classmate--specifically, a boy by the name of P.--began picking up random handwriting samples and determining whether they were masculine or feminine.

"What do you think this one is?" P. asked a girl nearby, showing her a familiar-looking index card.


"Really? I think it's female."

"I guess, but...no..."

N. broke through the crowd at this point and snatched for the paper.  "Well, it'd better be male, 'cuz it's MINE!"

That's just about all I remember. 

Under thirty minutes.  Woohoo!  I've got time to do things now!  Things like...Calculus homework...

The End

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