9/11/13-"[no memorable quotes today. Sorry.]"

I checked the drama board the moment I got to school this morning.  Nothing posted.

In Politics and Lit, we had a seating chart.  Alphabetical order, so that when we hand in work, it will arrive perfectly alphabetized for Mr. H.'s convenience.  The desks are numbered and lettered like a chessboard. 

Knight to E-5.

C. to D-3.

Once in our new seats, we took a quiz on the syllabus and class guidelines and expectations.  Then we traded-and-graded.  I got 24/25.  Subsequently, with half an hour left, we watched the president's Syria speech, given last night.

We'll be discussing it next time.  I'll get back to you then.

Advisory...was Advisory.  I finished my Calculus homework, with the help of Mrs. S.  It is advantageous to have an Advisor who is also a math teacher.

In Calc, nothing much happened.  Though we did have free seating.  And we learned that Z.--a Chinese boy who has lived in the U.S. for what, six years? seven?--did not know what a cinnamon roll was.

At lunch, I went to the library to check my email.  Then I checked the drama board again.  Neither contained any word of callbacks.

I ended up eating at the Nordic Ski Team lunch, although it's strange to call it that when only half of the people present were actually members of Nordic.  We ate under a tree, in the grass on the edge of campus.  A. read tips aloud from a writing advice book thing.  E., whose mother arrived in the airport at midnight last night, tried to sleep, using her backpack as a pillow.  It left mesh-marks on her face.

Closer to the end of lunch period, E. sleepily recited an Ogden Nash poem about ducks, and another poem about a pelican (which rhymes with belly can and hell he can).

In Fiber Arts, we researched clothing brands.  When Mrs. D. gets back next week, maybe we'll actually start sewing.

After Fiber Arts, I stopped by the drama board one last time.  Still no call back list.

Ah well, since no one called me and call backs are this afternoon, I'm guessing I won't be called back. 

Proceeded on to my job, a paid position as a student tutor.  Since it's still the beginning of the year, there weren't many people there wanting help.  I ended up running errands and correcting homework for Mrs. A. the whole time.  Not that I mind.  When this happens, I don't have to think, and I wasn't in a thinking mood today.

I think this was the boringest day of the school year so far. 

The End

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