A diary of my senior year of high school...

I have decided, for this, my final year of high school, to keep a diary.  I've never really done this before, so I guess it will be a bit of an experiment.  I shall write an entry every day, and post them when I have the opportunity, which will generally be the following day.

Now, as a disclosure, I don't have a particularly interesting life.  No real conflicts, no great adventures, no romance, no nuthin'.  If you want that, there's plenty of fiction on this site.  This, however, will be as accurate as my memory permits.

In the interest of privacy, my classmates and teachers will be represented by a single initial.  The municipality of my residence will be known as Little Town.  Surrounding areas will be described and named as required.

But now all that's out of the way, here goes!

The End

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