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Mais c'était sans compter sur nous, nous qui pouvons encore les voir dans leurs ébats!

Ébats qui deviennent de plus en plus hot, if that's even possible!

They both shatter one another away, all the way to twelfth hell, fingers being put you know where, hair pulled, tongues twisted in such a way that it would be impossible to break them apart without a bit of acrobatic moves, legs intertwined in noeuds coulants, one hand somehow trailing pixies' ring on the body of the other. Oh, comme j'en suis jelly! Des pixies viennent tout juste d'apparaître, called there by the trail.

'Hey choupinette, regarde, on a fait apparaître des pixies!'

'T'as raison, they are here for us, alright!' And they resumed.

La vue est fugace, car elles disparaissent aussitôt, vite disgruntled by the lack of mushrooms, bien salés et épicés comme il le faut, that usually form their sacrosaint circles! Jelly, que dis-je!? J'en suis tout vert, regardez-moi ça. These two were making love so unspeakably that they acted as actual honeytrap for pixies! Il fallait faire fort, quand même!

The End

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