chap viiMature

Alors, we can see Koto-sama fuir 'On the rocks', quick on Koto-sama's feet. Koto-sama then stops, hors d'haleine, s'appuyant contre un de ces vieux poteaux téléphoniques qui traînent encore dans les rues. Then, some hobo hit on Koto-sama and seems to try to have a kiss. Definitively not une bise, by the way. Il se met à pleuvoir, ici as well. So, let's all vedriti for a while, huh? Wich Koto-sama does by entering le boxon du coin. As a result Koto-sama seems to think that it might not be a bad idea to continue and finish sa nuit ici. And... yup, that's it. Koto-sama is taking one barstool on here, starts to drink again, way too much, m'est avis. Koto-sama is picking up one of the night butterflies there, one nahjku, by the way, like seemed to have done feu notre seigneur-terrace, but, à sa différence, only one. Les nahjkus existent de nos jours encore, pêt' bien que some nahjku alive right now is the one who slept with Koto-sama, vu leur espérance de vie, who knows? Well, it is certainly not Koto-sama who killed these ones, there. That's for sure!

Still, being picked up by the cops for Koto-sama doit relever d'un quelconque twisted tour du sort, right? Well, not exactly. The cops wanted Koto-sama for a long time and now that they've got an opportunity, ils en profitent, que trop contents de coffrer Koto-sama pour une raison ou une autre. That, or simply la malchance qui semble être inhérente au job d'Ak'lou.

The End

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