Sandy Hook Shooting

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      I didn’t think people could be so awful. I didn’t know someone was capable of simply walking into a school, and killing over 26 people like it was nothing. How could someone just wake up and decide to murder so many people, and most of them being children? I could never even imagine doing such things. He didn’t just take away the lives of the people he shot, he ruined everyone who was at that school. There is no doubt in my mind that every child who goes to Sandy Hook Elementary School will need extensive therapy. Them witnessing and being part of such a tragedy at this age has destroyed their minds. They no longer understand happiness, and why the good guys didn’t win. The kids are too young to process anything other than the fact that their friends, teachers, and principals are dead. And they saw it all happen. They heard the screams, and saw the blood pour from their classmates lifeless bodies. These images are embedded in their young minds. They’re scarred for life. I can only hope that they end up okay, and are able to overcome such events. I love each and every one of those kids, teachers, staff, and family members effected. Rest in peace, baby angels.

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