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On not being a %^%$ person.

I forget my auld aquantences within moments of them happening, so the first minutes of the New Year were filled with a montage of all the shit people have done wrong to me, the damage I’ve cause others, and the times I wronged and damaged myself - out of choice or ignorance. 

To avoid the same personal motions, I’ve set out a guide to eliminate the frivolities that interrupted and absorbed my thoughts; controlled my life at points.

     1. Decisiveness -  After deciding on a plan/scenario among many, possibly equal, options, there is no use in worrying about the outcomes of the alternatives. If anything, it hinders the result you should be actively trying to accomplish.

     2. Compassion - Always be in sonder. Understand the infinite complexity of scenarios and crossed paths that lead to you - this is true of 7Billion+ of us. Compassionate communal involvement in personal, societal, and political aspects of life are keys for growth.

     3. Forgiveness - A grudge is kept only by you and, like Atlas, bears it’s sole weight on your’s. Allow forgiveness because it sets everyone free. Seek forgiveness to calm the strings that pull you up at night. An attempt is what the soul needs, forgiveness is what is wants, and will come when you forgive yourself. 

     4. Knowledge - Differentiate knowledge. Not all is created equal and all deserves criticism derived from understanding. Judge the knowledge you seek and refocus as needed. You stand, elevated by the knowledge of all human history, with the simple task of understanding.

     5. Passion - Be forceful with this one. You’re greatest benefit to those around you is to be passionate about your life. If you have a passion, follow it; if you don’t accomplish you’re goals. Not everyone has both, or either, but it’s important to tragecterize yourself. Never be stagnant. If this is denied, all other aspects of life don’t seem to fit right. 

The End

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