Mixture of Both.....?

So when I feel depressed, I listen these songs. I'll go from this one to another one, back and forth. As you can see, they have pretty dominate themes: forgiveness, fathers, and wanting hope desperately. Enjoy! - RosalynLivna

"Where I Belong" - Building 429

When I feel totally alone, this little nudge that I don't really belong, this is what I listen to. It was one of those "ah-ha!" songs for me. 

"Little Wonders" - Rob Thomas

Mhhhhh.....this is a good one. When the memory is burdening me down, this is a song to help me let it go. 

"I'm Not Alright", "Forgiven", and "Dear Heart" - Sanctus Real

When I feel like I want to SCREAM to the entire world that everything is not perfect within me, I listen to the not alright song. When I feel the guilt bearing down on my shoulders......the forgiveness song. When my emotions get in the way of what I know is truth, the Dear Heart song.

"Marry Me" - Train

I get this fleeting feeling I will never hear a guy say these words to me.....

"All This Time" and "Don't Worry Now" - Britt Nicole 

When I am again haunted by the memory, I listen to the first song. It reminds me constantly that I was never alone. When I miss Dad, I listen to the don't worry song. Pitiful, I know. 

"Father of the Fatherless" - Jason Upton

Another song I listen to when I feel the hole in my heart. 

"You Are More" - Tenth Avenue North

I can't accept the forgiveness, it isn't true, I can't do it.......OH YES YOU CAN. :D

"Safe and Sound" - Taylor Swift

Inspired by the "Hunger Games", I listen to this whenever I desperately want to hide my little brother from all the hurt, pain, and anger. 

"You Found Me" - The Fray

Gah......YES! This one starts out so sad......then ends happy. Definitely a favorite of mine. 

The End

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