So, you want to write a 'so you want to be a something' page?


First up, why would someone WANT to be these things? Save for perfectionist of course, I can see that being a potentially admirable trait. It seems almost like an ironic how-to, but missing out all the humour that would make it entertaining. 

I'm almost certain there will be some kind of backlash from this but I'm getting used to not being fantastically popular on this site so I'm going to run with it.

I'm all for emotion.

I don't know many people that are more sensitive than me. I'm sure some people can attest to this. And when it comes to writing, I love to read or write something packed to the brim with emotion, but I like to think that almost one hundred percent of the time that emotion should be a subtext to the narrative. The narrative is what should make you smile, cry or laugh.

So maybe it's just me, but to approach an emotion head on kind of takes away the evocation of emotion.

I was speaking to someone last night about the film Seven Pounds, I love this film and I think it's one of Will Smith's finest hours.

If you haven't seen it, Seven Pounds is a really intriguing film that follows the journey of a man as he sets about giving away parts of his life to people in need. That is what the story is about. If you haven't seen it you might want to look away now as I'm going to reveal some spoilers. 

Admittedly it says it from the word go in the film even though you're not aware whether the film is liner or not, but Will Smith's character commits suicide. The film isn't about suicide, it touches on it, and the suicide is what evokes the emotion, but fundamentally speaking, the story is about redemption and this guy's guilt. 

They didn't title the film 'so, you want to be suicidal?' Because it simply wouldn't have pulled in audiences or evoked any emotion, beside that there would have been no secrets or depth to the piece.

Maybe I'm thinking about this too much.

I just wonder why people would come on the site to say something so simply, but then I guess that's what I'm doing now.

Life isn't simple. 

I've been caught in a mess of story, and it's hard to find out whether I'm the protagonist or the antagonist. Is it even that simple?

I hope I can do the right things, unfortunately there isn't a how-to on life. 

The End

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