I was bored :) was writing it about my boyfriend at the time. No longer together but i love this piece.

I know you feel like you have been running

Its the week 7 day mile

But one day someone will ask you a question

That you have just got to say "yes" too

It wont be dressed up

It wont be obvious

But it will give you the running shoes you desperatly need.

Dont you think its time to stop?

Take in your surroundings

See what your missing before your youth flys by

You have been running for so long now

Perhaps this is as good as it gets

But dont you want to experience it with time on your hands

Dont waste time running the marathon

Everything you need is already here

Slow down

Let me catch up

If this is something you need to do then fine, lets run

Lets run it together

The 365 day mile

I cant bare the though of you fading into the distance

Let me grab my shoes

The End

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