Just the thoughts in my head, and the emotions that I seem to be drowning in.

I’m lost in a sea of color and sound.  Everything is blurry and blended together. 

Thoughts run together in a jumbled mess within the confines of my mind. I try to think of something to say, and everything turns black and slips through my grasp.

Yet when I want everything to disappear, evaporate into silence, the volume is cranked up and a strobe light of images and words blind me. 

The blood rushes through the veins in the back of my head, pulsating and throbbing. It’s intense as it never has been before; eventually it spreads, like a slowly surging flood—devouring in pain the space between my ears. It builds up just behind my eyes, and suddenly the room around me turns violet. 

I breathe in.  One Mississippi.  I exhale. Two Mississippi.

The End

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