Rockland County, NY: Aftermaths and Anniversaries IMature

The next several weeks, the local paper releases names of people who died that day. I morbidly scan the first few days for names I know, then give up, finding none. I feel lucky.

The first anniversary is a solemn one, and memorial ceremonies are held across every community in the NY Metropolitan area. Everyone attends at least one, and given the right conditions, you can see the Towers of Light from my home.

In April 2003 I see the WTC up close for the first time. It’s not completely cleaned yet. A piece of the outer wall still stands, a recognizable portion of the WTC ’s facade. I decide I hate the term, “Ground Zero,” and will never use it to refer to this space.

In August of 2003, the northeast experiences a massive power failure. Although its cause proves to be ordinary, everyone’s first thought is automatically terrorism. I realize that 9/11 has changed our way of thinking. Now, whenever something bad hits the news, the media makes a point of telling us that terrorism was not involved.

The End

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