Review of the Book "Namesake" (Jhumpa Lahiri)

the name sake is a story of settlement and family bonding, truth and lies trust and betryal and the life of the main character Gogol.

the namesake is a novel about a Bengali family migrated and settled in suburban America. the couple Ashoke and Ashima start their lives in a foreign country with no godfathers in the country. Ashoke is a professor in a renowned university and Ashima is a librarian. Ashima gives birth to two children Gogol (named after Ashoke's favourite author Nikolai Gogol) and Sonia. the story mainly revolves around Gogol. Gogol grows up in suburban America and wishes to scrach off his awkward name along with the values it inherits. he renames himself as Nikhil.

he starts his college life with his new name Nikhil. in the mean time he had fallen in love with a girl named Ruth whom he had met in a train. they make love wherever they go but break up soon due to some misunderstandings. then he meets Maxim with whom he stays after Ruth leaves him. Maxim was also liked by Gogol's family. but they also broke up due to some other reason. he was finally married to a childhood Indian friend named Mousomi. the marriage was successful for a year and a half. soon Mousomi betrayed him by having an affair with another professor.

this is the story of the namesake which ends abruptly but with a good moral to forgive and forget.

The End

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