A commentary from Murphy

"Hate-raters", as they are called,cannot function under one condition: An influx of ratings. A hate-rater wants their rating to make a difference. If it does not, then the hate-rater will have no authority.

The obvious solution is to make a 'default' rating, but then another problem arises: The existing ratings are watered-down. Ratings are determined, unfortunately, by sympathy. Once one has control of a system, then they turn to helping others. In this case, the raters feel like a bad rating is an insult. I know that critiquing feels bad at times, definitely worse than an actual insult.

There must be an answer.

I find that ratings are based entirely on psychology. Meager ratings are a downer. Good ratings are uplifting. Are my poems, some of which I didn't like too much myself, really worth a 5 average?

I might start turning off ratings and asking for comments. That seems to me like the only answer to a psychological fluke: Ratings.

The End

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