Replicators and the Economics of the Future

Replicators already exist, and can be programmed to make amazing, individual items - see - but this technology will become more pervasive in the future until replicators which produce food or clothing become commonplace.

Several science fiction authors and scientists have written about the post-capitalist, almost utopian world of replicators and Drexlers to manufacture - well, everything!

My concern in this series of essays is to bring this future into perspective and to discuss the economics and human problems which it will undoubtedly bring.  The interim period between capitalism and almost a form of neo-socialism (cornucopianism) will be fraught with vested interests, new forms of Luddism and ever increasing levels of inequality.

These are subjects worthy of extended, intelligent, measured discussion and I am expecting the conclusions to be far removed from this starting place.  

The End

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