He looks out the window, and sees the dawn setting again.  Counting up, the water drops becoming clouds, storms running away.

Orange turns to light blue, to grey and again its early morning.  Morning birds are silenced as they sleep again. 

What forces send the clock reverse? The cataclysm has ended, and every moment is relived as new. 

Rerun life, existence.  Rerun time as the end is undone.

The expansion that tore the flexing reality has contracted, all things compressed.  Repressed.  Buildings unmade, their parts replanted.  Babies unborn, great minds youthened until unstarted in climax.

Everything runs backwards, water up falls, meteors back out into space; runs together.

Super heats and glows white again, intense in a tiny space.  A tiny prick of searing light.

And unseen voice speaks and shakes the fabric of all that is: "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

And it all starts over again.

The End

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