Reliving by Seconds and Thirds

We sat on the steps that go nowhere
And looked at each others' blue eyes
We stood in the door that won't open
And sank into thoughts we despise

We scrubbed at the feelings we'd broken
To replace their lustre, their shine
But diamonds flew in through the window
We were blinded, had wasted our time

I had never
wanted more
than to heal your
open sore
I had never
but for everything we'd

We stuck our feet into the ocean
Polluting the clear crystal sea
You told me you thought I was simple
I'd not thought I'd never agree

And everything I never knew
was everything I thought I knew
And everything I thought of you
was sadly disillusioned too

I had never
wanted more
than to know your
name before
I had never been
caught inside
a room where I
had never died

A simple whiff, a scent of air
is all that I envision there
on the steps that go nowhere
blinded by the sunlight's glare

The End

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