Religion-to bind or to set free

Religion finds its roots in the word “religio” derived from “ligare” meaning to bind.

Religion to many is the dictum that one follows on a day-to-day basis to ensure a peaceful and prosperous life here and a much more blissful life in the other world.

The famous sociologist Emile Durkheim who had used the concept of totems to bring out the meaning of religion, defined religion as a distinction between “sacred and profane”, the parallels to it are God and humans. In the world of sociology many sociologists have advocated their own thoughts on the same, which is quite a tempting platter to feed on. However many of us understand this concept of religion in our own perspective depending upon which religion we belong to and what conditioning has been imparted to us.


To Muslims Islam starts with the name Allah ( Aaud billaahi mina ar shaitaan are rajeem , Bismilaahi ar rahman ar raheem), their religious philosophy is about faith in the Almighty Allah, His words being reverberated in their book "the Holy Quran". To Christians, Jesus is their savior, the merciful one who took pains so as to give them this blissful life. To Hindus the word God brings out a humongous volume of Gods and Goddesses that they bow their head before. The vague and vast descriptions of some of the world’s biggest religions is in fact the conceptions with which most of us view these religions. The in depth understanding of these religions however isn’t my forte of expertise.


In my opinion religion could have been designed to give a direction, to exercise authority, or perhaps for purpose still “unknown”. I wasn’t the one who designed it but I feel religion does play a crucial role in our lives. Our thoughts, our behavior, our actions and in some cases our whole being is governed by many religious maxims. Religion obviously wasn’t designed with idea of creating barriers in the minds and hearts of people, this is one reality I am dead sure of, but unfortunately what we see today is "the paradox".


Islam is often termed as a religion harboring the maximum hardcore stringent fundamentalists, Christianity is ridiculed over its hypocrisy, Hinduism battered due its uncountable number of Gods and innumerable sects and their respective practices. Religions today aren’t serving the purpose. Purpose is the one, which still needs more introspection. We are all following religions blindly without understanding the real aim behind it. We are bound to the words, to the sayings, to the practices, we are stuck up or may be we are not, after all religion does mean, “to bind” so it is serving its purpose. Religion is binding us to itself but not to other human beings.


How would we feel if there were no religious distinctions? But what remains is a sense of belonging to Divine, no barriers, no bondage but an air of freedom blooming with the fragrance of Love, Love for all. Religion then would be in its real sense binding us to all and thus would ensure that we free ourselves from all the bondage. We then step into the realms of the purpose for which this concept could have been designed. To bind and to set free…….


The End

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