Reflecting on Ones Thoughts

what is he to do? the silly boy, playing at a game he cannot win, he tries so hard to please them all. So many elements to the game, and he the most volitile. he needs to quite. he isnt happy and is starting to question if any of them could do what he needs. a tear falls from his eye, a single tear, but that one tear means so very much. and no one knows it. no one sees the real pain that he hides from everyone, even himself. They dont see even a fraction of what he needs. none of them try hard enough to keep him. none of them try hard enough to truly care. they all pretend and lie to themselves. he stands alone because they wont change. because they arent willing to be good. he stands forever alone, wishing for a single person to be good and understanding and to be what he needs. but there is no way. no way for him to find someone to make him happy. his only happiness comes from God, and those sad people laugh in his face and scorn him because of the happiness he recieves. they dont honestly try to be happy

The End

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