You are a deep red.  Red stands for passion. You love with all your essence, and you care and you give and you smile. The warm hugs you wrap others in is a comforting grand event, royal red.

Red is the contagious vibrant energy surrounding you. No one knows how to light up the way you do. You make things explode in dramatic excitement.  

Red is blood, pain. You feel pain, you fight your battles. You attack your problems and you win your wars. No flaw is overlooked, no imperfection is without acceptance. No great hero ever came from perfection handed to them.

Red is radient. It captures the eye and steals center stage, and glows with energy, passion, strength. But the best part of red, is it brings out the best in other colors. It finds the beauty, and brings light and admiration to the best parts. 

Raging royal romantic red is real but rare. Realize its critical to love this fading shade and keep the flame alive. 

The End

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