Here is a thought that would never have been publish anywhere else instead of here,in recycling stories.


Why ?

How ?

What now ?

Can we overcame this ?

Which society are we willing to live in that allows this to happen ?

How far are we to go in retaliation before we are also to blame ?

What about the families of those who died today ?

What is in the thought of all of us when this happens ?

Am I ever safe again ?

How can I protect my children from such horror ?

Is liberty of speach against such terror atttacks something we will ever regain ?

How many of us think about conspiracy when the planes crashed against the World Trade Center ?

United 93

Freedom to be all we can be and still be abiding law citizens.

The capacity to forgive.

The willingness to make a wrong right.

To teach the sons of those who hates to learn to respect difference and embrace forgiveness.

Of a love so profound that even death can not erase(From beyond the grave we are still recovering messages that came from the ones that where in the towers and died that day-messages of love not hatred).

Learn a mighty lesson from this,let it not be to hate those who did this but how and why they did it and try and talk it throught,because enganging in a warfare that will takes years to win and at cost onf more personnel will ultimely generate more hatred towards us.

Learn something out of so much lost.Please...


The End

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