Cease all existence,create life from another angle !

Erase human kind from initial project and start all over again,this time better...

Would it work ?

I don`t know.I remenber all the great artists I had the pleasure to see on shows across the world,in my hometown and in England and France or in Brazil.

And I think  " Would it make any difference if we could start all over again ? "

I realise that if human kind really wants to differ from the current path and heal differences with other cultures and races,or even heal the planet,we shouldn`t have to start all over again.

No,we should change our ways in life and how we procede about it !

But I remind myself we have come so far,we can go all the way.It requires good will and some though decisions where laws will have to be draft but it is duable.

Together we can change.To think otherwise is to condem mankind to extermination !

I am all happy thoughts these days !!!

No,on a serious note.

I worry about what kind of legacy we are leaving for our sons and grandsons,I really do.

The End

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