Recycling stories

Here is a thought !
Of all the stories that have no place to exist apart from a piece of paper left on the side of your desk work,or in any little paper you are able to find when putting down any ideas,the good ones and the not so good ones.Or maybe it is your daily planner you are storing them in,but here is a place that they may find themselfs at home.

"Wine gums " And underneath in big capitals letters : SMART PRICE. Hum! She thought to herself while eating one,who thinks of this lines to put as advertising ?

Because lets face it when women shop for confort food,the price on the product is not of the most importance,the display of how many intake of calories she will drawn her sorrows in,know that is a major fact !

So here I am eating wine gums and actually realising that for my age(none of your business how old! Thank you very much!),I am actually thin !

Wonders never cease to happen!

In a world where Japan has finally stopped being Liberal Democrat after 50 years,and we in Britain face more talks about the Lockarbie bomber and his release to Lybia and the involvement of our Prime Minister in all of this!

Here I am reading how much calories I am intaking by eating a wine gum,talk about perspective !!

Seriously !

Women and their constant fear their are either too fat or too old or too something or the other !

Utter rubish .Do you think man go throught the same process of seeing flaws  when looking at a mirror ?

Do you think they go.

Thus my bum look too big ?

Or I shouldn`t have eaten that last cake ?

Or how much calories I ate at lunch, can I affort to drink a pint ?

Of course they don`t.Men couldn`t care less.

As long as they have a good time in the company of their mates,the world can come crashing down and they most likely wouldn `t even notice until we,women told them or God forbide text them or email them  !!

So,what was my point again ?

My hand is busy taking another wine gum.

By the way my current weight is 9 stones and 5 pounds !

Which is not bad !  :)

I am sorry but I had to do that,I am a women after all !

Yes,my point,

Stop looking at the balance and enjoy your life more.Go out and spend more time appreciating what you have instead of trying to persue this idea of you ideal you that by the time you have achieved it ,life has either passed you by or the people you left behind while persuing this ideal you are already involved with other more interesting people,and you are  left alone,thin and hopefully healthier but no-one to share it with !

I reach for another wine gum and look at that I also have donuts!

Bless,sometimes I really like myself.


The End

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