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Here is a place where you can recommend works and actually write reviews and a synopsis. Want to find a great story to read? Hopefully this is the place to find both the well loved and the more obscure ones!

(If you are just looking for stories browse on! :D)

I had a thought last night: 'Wouldn't it be good if our protagers actually gave a list of their favourite works? If they added their own little reviews and synopses.' And so this little idea was born.

So what do you do? You recommend your favourite protag stories, that's what! So pick one or two of your favourites and get writing about them. What makes this different from the top recommended list? You can write a review, synopsis and generally tell us why you like it so much. Sounds good right?

What you must include:

  • A short synopsis.
  • At least a 250 word review. (Though no more than 500.)
  • A rating out of ten.
  • Why you liked it so much.
  • A link to the story.
  • A 'Mature' warning if the story is mature. (Also any other warnings the story warranties.)
  • A list of the genres.

Your rating must cover:

  • Their plot – was it intriguing etc.
  • Their characters – did they seem 'real' enough?
  • Spelling and grammar – was it good overall?
  • Any other points you want to add.

Stories recommended must be:

  • At least 2000 words long (so that you can actually give a solid review).
  • Have good grammar and spelling (though it doesn't need to be perfect).
  • Not by yourself.

Please don't list collabs or poems, mainly because collabs are by several different authors where one might not spell as good as the last person etc. and poems are more subject to personal thought.

Try to include mainly unknown authors and works for the minute and please think through your choices carefully. This list will hopefully be helpful to new readers and old alike on the site.

~Cura :)

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