Black Friday: It's not a bargain if you don't need itMature

Really? is a satirical look at the news.

Black Friday first hit the UK five years ago when online retail giant Amazon brought the shopping sensation to a new market.

I'm surprised the term 'Black Friday' has lasted this long without the politically correct elite demanding that it's renamed because it sounds a bit prejudiced. I'm equally shocked that it's still acceptable to openly dream of a white Christmas without being branded a racist.

It's expected that the sales over a 24-hour period this year will surpass £1bn for the first time in UK history. Ebay said that it anticipates 9 million Brits will visit its website on Black Friday, buying 25 items every second. 

If the British public are so determined to shop for bargains, then I don't understand why everyone doesn't just head for their nearest Poundland? Besides, it would avert the need to trample over children and old people just to get 10% off something you don't need.

The Centre for Retail Research has predicted that Black Friday shopping over the entire weekend will hit £3.49 billion. Credit card and payday loan companies must be getting a little bit moist right about now. 

Last year there was scenes of chaos as shoppers battled with one another over iPads, TVs and other desirable goods. It was like some sort of consumer Armageddon as people literally fought with each other over the last remaining electric toaster in Asda. 

The sad reality is that we're already in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. We're all just too busy starring into our phone and laptop screens to realise it.

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