Further contemplating. Perfection, this time, It seems.

I made the base of a snowman this morning. Unfortunately I was interrupted before I could finish even the first layer, as I was called in to have tea. It was an alright tea. Not a good tea, not a bad tea. It was alright. I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with my earlier contemplation, however, I honestly wanted to write that down. I could've gone back to finish my snowman, but.. I felt I'd rather try and express further the inner workings of my mind. Perhaps once I do that, the snowman will be easier to make. It was such simple joy.. Digging my over-sized gloves into the fresh, soft, beautiful snow. Most of the garden is still untouched, and will remain so as long as people with intention of ruining such a perfect thing are held back. It is a natural perfection, I suppose, and humanizing it would take away a very magical touch, which can only be felt in its natural form. Humans, by default, are imperfect. So much so in fact, that they have even twisted the very meaning of perfection itself. They have manipulated their own minds into interpreting words such as perfection and imperfection on an emotional level. Therefore they eventually got to a point where they believed that imperfection is a negative thing. This is an arguable belief however. If one looks at the base meaning of perfection itself, then one can see that the state of being perfect is having no flaws. But does that really mean that it's a good thing? If humans were not flawed, would we really have come as far as we have done? Flaws, I suppose, are the key to understanding the true meaning of perfection. What constitutes as a flaw? It is a weakness. Something which inhibits the mind from registering things solely based on logic. Therefore the base of a flaw, is emotion. Without emotion, one would not desire. One would not argue. One would not believe. We would not drive ourselves into danger foolishly. We would not make mistakes. However, if humans had developed without emotions of any kind, what would the world look like today? Indeed there probably would be much less bloodshed, but there would also be much less mercy. There would be no hate, but also no love. There would be no fear, but also no happiness. What does one say, when asked at the peak of their emotional content, how they are feeling? They say "I feel perfect." Without the flaw of emotion, perfection could never have existed. No one can argue that perfection is not being without emotion, it is simply being without hate. But if hate never existed, then how could love have ever truly been appreciated? The reason it upsets me when someone touches the undisturbed blanket of snow, is not because they will make it imperfect. It's because they will take away something that allows the beholder to feel perfect. Humans are a part of nature, and therefore anything they create should never be classed as unnatural, but it seems we have come beyond that. Imperfection would be a negative, I supposed, if every weakness had only one side. But a weakness is like a coin. With destruction comes construction. With hate come love. With fear comes hope. Because without one, there could never be the other. Yes, humans destroy. But they also build. Yes, they pollute. But at the same time they have the ability to recognize their error, and simply by doing the smallest of things to try and fix it, even if they never succeed, they have proved that being human does not simply mean being imperfect. It also means having the power to change the world. Because if just one human being corrects one mistake they ever made, even if it never leads to anything, it will still have made the world a better place. The same way hate cannot exist without love, perfection means nothing without imperfection to complete it. I suppose one must stop looking at the two as separate things in order to truly understand. Because if one does not, then the question arises, "So in order to be perfect one must be imperfect?" And I understand that makes no sense. So let me try to approach it in a different way.. Imperfection is not the opposite of perfection. It is the pillar which holds it up. It is what allows for it to exist in reality. By being imperfect, humans have created a world which is, yes, full of horrible things. But also full of immeasurable beauty. Which could never have been seen without the pillar of horror raising it up. The more our world fills with fear and anger, the more we understand the true meaning of happiness and safety. No one deserves to suffer. But at the same time, no one deserves to live their whole lives, never knowing what it truly means to be happy. To be perfect. 

The End

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