Ready to Love Me

If you listen well to your heart,
you can find the things you REALLY want.

but If you listen to your mind ,
becarefull,you may find,
that logic lies
wating in the wings
allways ready to spring
at any thought that’s indistinct,
you have to be ready and stable
strong and able,
3 thoughts ahead of any turn that life will throw your way
so you will have to be ready,
ready to love me,

you think back to when you thought that you were reday
and then you were scared to say
what you felt to me-ay,
yes I knew,
and I felt the same way for you,
but if you can’t look me in the eyes
and see how I feel inside
is the same way,
then I need to say-eyay
Yeahe-yeah, so don’t be afraid to open up your eyes,
look at what you really feel inside and you’ll fi-ind the truth you feel you left behind, the thoughts that race inside your mind need to be stead-eaye eeyeah
and then your ready
to lo-ou-ve meeahe
to love

The End

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