I am going to tell you a story that will change your life. And this is it.

So listen carefully, because whatever instructions I give you - and whatever I tell you - might just have an impact on your survival. Your life in the future.

Warning: this may just make you turn your life around. It will not be an easy ride. It will not be a first-class carriage in one of those posh trains. This is going to be economy class on a dodgy minibus.

And I can tell you, the money you've saved on the ticket will be going to a good cause. The best cause. The cause that you will soon discover - if you read this story. And carefully.

You may wonder why I have not classified it as a'story'. Why it's an 'other'. That's because it's not a story. Trust me - this is a challenge. This is a call to all people to give up our comfortable lifestyle and become disturbed. To start, finally, joining our brothers and sisters in their lives. So you see, it's not a work of fiction.

It's the story of radicals. Or, as Shane Claiborne puts it, ordinary radicals. He says that the word 'radical' means 'root'. Like 'radish'. Now, if people ask me if I'm a radical, I am going to say this:

"No. I'm a radish."

This gets down to the roots. And I warn you, there's a lot of dirt down there.

Are you ready to explore?

The End

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