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February 2011

Editor's Note

Ah, February. There isn't a whole lot I can say about February other than point out that this month is usually just as cold as January, but probably not as hopeless. You see, I really can't stand January. Its one of those months that comes after December, one of the happier months of the year what with Christmas and everything, and is usually when winter starts to get really cold and nasty. And, so far, the winter has been cold and nasty here in Michigan, and we are just now coming to the end of January.

But, I was writing about February, so....February.

This is the month when we celebrate Valentine's Day by buying packs of cheesy cards for our kids to exchange at school. These are the cards which usually feature popular TV cartoon characters with Valentine's Day themed speech bubbles over their head with phrases like, "I'm head over heels for you." Yeah, like Yoda would ever say something like that!

But, Valentine's Day is a happy day, too, for those of us in love. Also, this month puts us at least one month away from January, and eleven months away from January 2012. Oh yeah..and it means that we're closer to the end of Winter.

So, let's celebrate February by reflecting on our good fortunates and forging ahead. I hope that you enjoy this first issue of Life Stack. Being the first, there are probably a lot of articles which helps to explain what the magazine is about. I hope that you enjoy it.


Jon Morgan


The End

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