The path of ignorance.

Attracting an audience takes a clever writer who cares.

I do not mean to step over the line, get close to the edge or be thought of as meaningless because you may or may not disagree about double negatives. I would hope the politically correct halitosis and maybe the Hurdy Gurdy man to fill in the coda.

This is a Writing site; a Creative writing site, so most members are writers and everyone knows a writer often lacks common situational sense. There are rhetorical descriptions I’ll barely mention, but the writer spends a great deal of time doing activities few realize.

It was once suggested by a pagan, heathen or Christian that personal altar of faith seldom relinquishes time beyond basic needs, family, research the writing itch and sleep. There isn’t much time to read and why would we writers here disagree with this premise.

For a more communal focus, I believe we need to start thinking about ’How can we reach an audience and also, how can we be an artistic community in how we support each other. If you do not believe each person important, then how will you believe in yourself?

I’ve a few suggestions. The first is that I’ve been a member of several social media and as an old fart I know the most important factor is interaction and conveying a welcome openness in a comment short or longer. Creative writers respect other creative writer commented words. A sign of respect giving a dream belief.

One way to show unwritten professional writer respect is to give the best of your writing in a page or less; or a taste of your excerpts. People will have time to read you and others who do the same will begin the positive in learning from exposure to a page or less of various writing styles.

Do you want success or ego? Fame is never defined alone. Fame seldom ascends the pinnacle, so if not don’t be alarmed. Where importance lies is in the gentle arms of community, but when one applies, remember we are all equals until and that is why.

Please comment to as many writers as you can and writers, please realize these writer readers want more or less a summary, so they can think you good or and change the subject. The writer and reader needs patience and reciprocity. May we think how others may feel before our words impede acceptance.

Caught you off guard, eh? I seek a mate of those wanting and yearning for a community of like minded artists. The blending of possible to a welcome opinion shared within the growth of self and else for all is our welcoming. Let us accept, care and do all we can to build a community.   

The End

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