Chapter 1-5

    This is a reflection of Life as We Knew It, which is a book about a disaster that occurs when the moon is hit closer to Earth by an asteroid. This causes all kinds of problems, like flooding and super storms. 

     The main character, Miranda, has trouble adapting to the times. She wasn't in a flood but she does have to live without internet and power. But the worse part is she still has to go to school. At one point in the book her mother takes her out of school early to buy out the supermart, so she is basically stocking up for the end of the world. Her mom later in the book seems to have stopped caring about her kid's schoolwork. I wish my mom would lessen up about my schoolwork, I can't even watch TV unless I have all A's. But anyway, somewhere in chapter 3 she starts to adapt and work with her conditions, by finding other ways of entertainment and by not looking at the moon that is so big in the sky. People eventually start to go crazy and raid stores, which is wrong even in the end. The main character, Miranda is atheist and to me that is odd because even in the end of the world, she still refuses to believe. But to me it is as good as a time as any. One of her friends is a Christian so she is splitting her food with those in need. But Miranda thinks she is staving herself and it is God that is making her do it, but she is  doing it because she thinks it is the right thing to do. To me she still getting food to eat but she shares half of it with another. That is not staving, it is sharing. The one thing I like about the book is how the families and close friends stick together. This books is quite entertaining, but to me it needs more action and less depression. But it does give it that feeling of the world is done for and it going to stay the same. The book is different and has a cool form apocalypse. If I was in there situation I would stick with my family and friends and stock up on supplies. I would use a generator to power my house. We would live everyday like it may be our last, because it could be. We would help others and show the world what mankind is supposed to be like.

    So theres my reader response for the first few chapters in Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pteffer. I like the books although it has some flaws but Im still want to keep reading on. You should give the book a try.

The End

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